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Dungeondating com

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Château Guillaume was among others the property of the La Trémoille Family.

Ever fancied a stay in a windmill, a sea fort, an observatory or even a submarine? We’ve put together our top ten favourite properties that are crazy, quirky and just plain fun… Location: Caribbean Sleeps: 2 Price from: £87,500 pppn Quirkiest Feature: Lovers Deep submarine is the most luxurious and exclusive property in our collection, a unique leisure submarine intended for couples who want to have a private night together submerged beneath the ocean waves.

Location: Morocco Sleeps: 25 Price from: £86 pppn Quirkiest Feature: The sumptuous decor is full of Moroccan charm, with draped ceilings and plenty of places to lounge around!

In summer the spectacular firework display at the lake is not to be missed.

Chaillac Village Square The village has a lovely old church, two café bars, an excellent restaurant, bakery, butcher and pharmacy all based around the village square, which on a Wednesday is the site of a small market.

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Picturesque alleyways and ancient houses hanging precipitously over the winding river Creuse make this town a popular subject for artists and photographers.

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