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MOUNT VERNON - It's kind of surprising to see it amid the warehouses, auto shops and parking lots along a somewhat gritty, industrial stretch of South Columbus Avenue.

But there it sits — a bucolic oasis whispering to us from the past with its ancient graveyard, handsome steeple and former barn.

If you know the patient’s phone number, you can call his/her room directly any time.

Despite its reputation for being a breeder of staunch, old-line Republicans, St. He simply lacked the common touch—which is not something you acquire at St. Last November, while Kerry was underperforming at the polls, a series of crises was rocking our alma mater.You may bill long distance calls to your home or credit card, or call collect.If you'd like to call a hospital patient but don’t know the patient’s phone number, call the hospital operator at 651-232-3000, and your call will be transferred.Paul's Church is a national historic site, but it's also part of our community, " said David Osborne, the site manager. Paul's offers school classes, families and history buffs guided tours and a variety of exhibits and programs.Most of the revolving exhibits tie national events with local history.

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